Secrets Of The Wounded Groom: Episode 7


Secrets Of The Wounded Groom: Episode 7

Tayo dropped the phone and struggled to reach her bedside fridge. She needed to drink some water badly. After opening a bottle, she emptied the cold water into her mouth and then grabbed the phone again.

Slowly, the memories of the night returned; detail after detail. Tayo remembered it all. She remembered the passionate kiss they’d shared and how his hands brought her comfort and pleasure. Only one memory stuck.

She quickly tapped the search engine of her phone and typed in the names that haunted her dreams. Tayo vividly remembered the name of the blogger and how Elvis had reacted. He knew her from somewhere, and Elena was extremely beautiful that it made her jealous.

Was he seeing the blogger?

Angrily Tayo tossed her phone aside. The network was very poor and she had no patience.

‘Elena,’ she bit her lip as she called the name. Elvis was hiding something from her and it seemed she had just found his little mistress. Elvis was cheating with this blogger. That was the only reason he’d reacted that way.

Revenge was on her mind. She wouldn’t give Elvis another chance to hurt her. He had tossed her aside without conscience; she would equally deal with him without second thoughts. Only that, she wouldn’t hurt him directly.

‘I know what to do. I’ll make him pay’. She pulled in a deep breath and dialed Aniekan’s number. She hadn’t made contact with Aniekan for six months now. The last time they’d met was at a charity fundraiser in Abuja.The princess needed his help, and she knew he wouldn’t turn her down.

Ada had told Ese everything she’d discussed with his brother. Aniekan wanted to ruin her plans of becoming rich, but she wouldn’t let him.

‘If I don’t pressure him to see that this way is the best, he’ll let us all down’. She stroked Ese’s face. They were in the bathroom together. They secretly spent time together in the white house, to avoid Aniekan knowing about their relationship.

Ese’s eyes burned in anger, ‘why would he want to forgive her? I told you we should kill him, but you said we should be patient. My brother is a weakling. I can’t believe he would jeopardize our plans’.

Ada pulled Ese closer to her and pinned her lips on his left nipple, ‘my darling, you are impatient. You don’t with a battle on impulse. Victory takes years of planning and plotting. Your brother thinks he is smart, but in his wisdom lies great folly. I will not let him ruin this one. I promise’.

Ese remained calm. Her words always had a cooling effect on him.

‘He stole everything that ever mattered to me. He stole Imaobong. He took away our parents’ attention. I want him to pay for it’.

Ada understood what her man felt. She’d never liked Imaobong from the start. The bitch had Aniekan wrapped over her little fingers, but she was gone now. Only that, Ada was haunted by the dead woman in her dreams.

‘Look at me Ese,’ she cupped his fleshy face between her chubby palms.

‘I took care of Imaobong, didn’t I? Trust me baby, we’ll clip your brother’s wings and make a lot of money for ourselves’.

A smug overtook Ese’s features as he stared deeply into the eyes of the woman he now loved. Ada had taken away all his pain and frustration. In place of those negative emotions, she had discovered his true potential. Ada had helped him channel his pain into hatred for his brother. He couldn’t wait to destroy Aniekan.

‘How is the girl? What plans do you have for her’? He asked.

‘She’s still locked in that dirty room. I contacted her family this morning. They should be here soon. I’ll send Idara to give her some food and clean clothes’. Ada replied.

Ese nodded in satisfaction. His eyes ran over her naked body. He enjoyed having sex in the shower. He couldn’t miss this opportunity to pleasure himself.
When he pressed her closer to his body, Ada quickly pulled back.
‘Do you hear that’?
‘What’? He asked with a frown.

Ada gently moved towards the bathroom window and peeped through. Two people had just walked into the white house. She was quite sure they were Elena’s parents, because the woman shared a strong resemblance with Elena.

‘I have to go and meet them. They’re here’. Ada rushed out of the bathroom in excitement.

Gloom clouded his handsome face as he glared at the people that had just walked into his house. They had to be Elena’s parents. This meant only one thing; Ada had flaunted his orders. She had gone ahead with her plans of causing Elena to pay for her crime against him.
Aniekan hated it when he was undermined. For a reason, which he was unaware of, Ada felt he could be controlled.

‘No one takes decisions for me’. Aniekan peeled himself from the window and moved towards his wardrobe. He wasn’t interested in getting fifty million from a girl who was trying to survive. Elena seemed like a good person to him, and he was ready to trust his guts on his feeling.

She shared so many similarities with his Imaobong; who was a writer too. He grabbed a black shirt and jean trousers and marched out of the room without his phone. He hadn’t touched the device since morning, and he wasn’t interested in anything else but Elena.
All night, he’d thought about her and wondered if listening to Ada was the best. He’d gotten his answer, and he would act upon it.

‘Good morning sir’. Idara greeted. She had made a light breakfast for the lady that was locked in the forbidden room.

‘Morning, where is Elena’s room’? Aniekan asked.

Idara knew the only person that would bear the name was the lady.

‘Um…’ she pressed her lips together, not knowing what to answer.

‘Don’t waste my time! Where is she’? Aniekan barked.

Idara’s hands jittered, ‘I…I was about taking breakfast to the room where she is being chained. It is the forbidden room’.

At first, Aniekan thought he hadn’t heard well. Only one room was forbidden in the white house; it was Imaobong’s room. And after her death, he had banned anyone from going there. The place was filled with dust and dirt; broken pieces of mirror and furniture lay scattered. He had destroyed those things in a fit of rage.

Aniekan had been so angry and lost when Imaobong had died. Why would anyone keep Elena in such a harsh condition?

‘The forbidden room, who kept her there’? He asked in a calm voice.

Idara stepped away from him. His eyes flamed with indignation. She had never seen her master this enraged.

‘The lawyer,’ Idara whispered. Then Aniekan did the unthinkable.

He moved closer to the cook and collected the tray from her.

‘I’ll serve Elena myself, now be on your way’.

‘Thank you sir’, she scurried away.
Aniekan seethed with anger as he marched towards the forbidden room with the tray in his hands. So, Ada had lied to him about Elena’s accommodation. She had been so sweet and convincing; Ada had assured him that Elena was well taken care of.


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