Secrets Of The Wounded Groom: Episode 5


Secrets Of The Wounded Groom: Episode 5

Elena was quickly dragged by the lawyer into an empty room, where she would stay for the night. Ada meant business, and she wanted to make a lot of money off Elena.
‘You’ll stay here for tonight. When morning comes, we’ll find a way to reach your family’. Ada smiled, and moved to shut the door.
The reins that bound her hand were still intact, but her legs were free. She could move without restraint. Elena ran her eyes over the poorly lit room. It was dusty, and old. It seemed no one had inhabited this part of the house for a very long time.
There wasn’t any bed for her to sleep in. There was just a table with a spoilt lamp upon it. Beneath the lamp, cobwebs built and empire. The room reeked of dirt, and little particles floated in the air.
‘I can’t stay here. I am not a thief. Fine, I wrote something untrue about him, but it isn’t enough to keep me here’. Elena battled with the ropes on her wrists. How could they be this unjust to her? First, they had taken her out of her home without her lawyer, and now this?
Ada scoffed, ‘you have nerve…don’t you understand what you have done? You don’t have a choice here Elena Benjamin. The minute you wrote false news about my client, the right to freedom was taken away from you’.
Elena couldn’t believe her ears.
‘If you really think my sin is that great, why do you insist I pay fifty million? Why not take me to court? I know what you’re trying to do. You are just a greedy and hungry lady. You want to use me’.
Elena could see clearly for the first time since she came into the white house. Ada was a snake. Aniekan didn’t need this sort of money. He was made!
Again, her strong will and fearlessness reminded Ada of the woman that haunted her dreams. She hated Elena more after her statement.
‘Let’s see how you will ever get out of here’. She didn’t give Elena time to reply before shutting the wooden door.
Tears soaked Elena’s face as she stared at the room. Her lips trembled as she wept. If only she knew things would turn out this way, she wouldn’t have written the article.
‘I need to get out of this place. I need to find my way out’. She whispered and looked around the room. To her disappointment, there was no opening for any escape.
The only person that could help her was Elvis, but she had no way to call for her brother’s help. Elena was quite sure that Ada didn’t have any plans to release her anytime soon.

‘Why do you have a frown on your face darling’? Ese’s eyes glowed with lust as Ada strolled towards the end of the corridor. They had been in a liaison from the moment she’d become his brother’s lawyer. He had fallen in love with Ada because she shared his ambitious mindset.
They had always plan on how best to milk Aniekan of his billions, but they had never been a way. Elena’s case was an opening, and they would use her smartly to achieve their aims.
‘I don’t like that girl’. Ada gave Ese the key to the room.
‘Why? Did she insult you’? He frowned.
Ada shook her head, ‘She was able to read me. She knows that I am interested in the money I’ll get from her. I have a bad feeling about that fool. She reminds me of…’ Ada bit her lip.
Speaking of the woman who haunted her dreams wasn’t good. She couldn’t bring up terrible memories now. She had to think of more ways to get Aniekan’s money.
‘Of who?’ Ese searched her eyes.
‘Never mind, where is Aniekan now?’ Ada pulled away from him and started towards the end of the corridor.
‘He should be in his room’, Ese replied, wondering what troubled his darling.
She nodded, ‘I must talk to him about Elena. He cannot pardon her. We need that money and more’.
Ese totally agreed with her. All his life, he had walked in Aniekan’s shadow. It was time to step out of it and start his business.
As the betrayers marched out of the corridor, the lonely figure that occupied this wing of the house stepped out of the dark. She watched them with keen interest, and sensed that they were plotting against the man she once loved.

Contrary to what his lawyer thought, he had not been sleeping. For the first time in a long while, sleep eluded the tech billionaire. Aniekan had found it hard to close his eyes as he lay upon the bed; his mind was roaming. His heart was veiled by a cloud of his resistance. Something about her delicate features reminded him of Imaobong.
How could two people have the same aura? How could they exude the same energy? He thought about her eyes. Those two shiny pebbles were a paradox. They held the power of fire and water. It made her difficult to read or explain.
One thing was sure, he had to find out more about Elena Benjamin, which was the only way he could focus on something else. She had cast a spell upon him, and it would be difficult to sleep with her face haunting his mind.
Aniekan quickly pulled the sheets of his legs and hurried to the table where he worked. He turned on the computer and began to do an internet search about her. It wasn’t as if he didn’t trust his lawyer, but he just wanted to know more about Elena Benjamin
‘Elena,’ he whispered her name as his fingers worked on the keyboard.
There were many results from his search, but only one caught his eye: it was the name of her blog; “reflections”.
He clicked on the icon and the blog opened.
‘Interesting’, he murmured and leaned forward to have a better view of her profile. There was a picture of her in a silky white dress and glasses. Her short hair was neatly brushed, and on the side of her head was a little flower. It was a rose.
Her ears were adorned with silver studs, which suited her heart shaped face perfectly. Her lips weren’t adorned with lipstick, but a mild lip balm. This picture was doing something to him…
She looked so innocent and sweet. Elena’s lovely face reminded him of the first woman he had ever loved. Imaobong was petite and gorgeous. Perhaps, her little size had attracted him to her.
Aniekan wasn’t satisfied with the information on her profile. He already knew about her age and what she studied in school. He needed more. He wanted something concrete.
As he scrolled down, his eyes caught a section of the blog that read: “Elena’s Diary”. Without wasting time, he touched the spot and relaxed against his chair while feeding his eyes with her beautiful writings. He could totally relate with most of her pieces and he felt some of them came from the things he had experienced. And the daily lives of the people around her.
One piece made him laugh.
‘She’s so funny’. Aniekan chuckled. It was a story of her first time in a five star hotel. She had gone on a date with this fancy guy, and he’d decided to spoil his “little princess”, as he called her. She had been so nervous, and afraid of exposing her naivety at visiting such exotic places.


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