Secrets Of The Wounded Groom: Episode 4


Secrets Of The Wounded Groom: Episode 4

She hadn’t set eyes on Benjamin for a very long while. He had grown older and leaner, but he still had the good looks. Only that he had a lot of grey hairs.
The man scoffed, ‘This house and all the properties you own belong to me. You stole my designs and sold them off. With the money you got, you bought all these for yourself’. He scoffed and moved closer to where she stood.
Tamar was still a very attractive woman. She seemed to age anticlockwise. Her fair skin was smooth under the moonlight, and her lips were reddish and inviting. If she weren’t a devil, they would have still been together.

‘Did you think I had forgotten your betrayal? I told your daughters all about it. I heard about the atrocities you committed. You are despicable and you aren’t wanted here. Go back to Jamaica’. Mr. Benjamin waved a finger across her face.
Tamar chuckled, ‘Is that supposed to scare me? I did everything to get poverty and lack out of their paths. I hope you know that Cassandra is happy with the king and they are getting married. I will find a suitable man for Elena, while you fold your lazy arms and watch’. She hissed and continued walking towards the house.
Her words stung his ego. She had spat on his pride. How could she forget his designs that she had sold off?
‘Cassandra’s love for the king does not justify what you did to her. First, you tried to sell Eno off, and when it didn’t work, you gave Cassandra. I guess you came home to prepare for the wedding’. He scoffed, Tamar had not changed one bit.
Tamar shrugged, ‘That wouldn’t be bad, would it? It is bad enough that you have turned my daughters against me. I now understand why they didn’t reach out all those months, while I was in Jamaica. You were the one cooking up lies and selling it to them’.
Mr. Benjamin closed his eyes as a wave of fury hit him. He didn’t want to argue with her tonight. He still had a daughter to protect, and if he was able to save Elena from the trouble she’d gotten herself in; he would get her as far away as possible from her mother.
Tamar climbed the veranda hurriedly, while dragging two boxes in. She knew that her daughters were angry with her, but she had come home for reconciliation.
‘I’m home Elena! Mummy is home’. Tamar announced excitedly as she stared at the staircase, hoping that Elena would rush down and hug her.
After waiting for ten minutes, there was no sign of Elena. Her heart began to hit faster against her chest, hoping that Elena wasn’t still mad at her.
‘She’s gone’. Mr. Benjamin rolled in the other boxes and shut the door.
Tamar swallowed, she didn’t want to talk to him but she missed her children.
‘Gone where’? She fiddled with her fingers.
It took him courage to take his eyes off her supple backside. Tamar wore jean that clung to her firm hips, and a blue sneaker. She had a black sweater on as the weather was very cold. Her hair was packed into a bun, and it reminded him of the first time he’d seen her.
‘Some men walked in here and took her away. Our daughter is in trouble’. He explained as gently as possible.
Tamar’s heart leapt at the mention of trouble, ‘I don’t understand. How could you let them take her away? What was her offence’? Tamar was infuriated by the men’s actions, and Benjamin’s subtle attitude.
‘She wrote an article about a tech billionaire. It seems it was false and it was character damaging. I tried, believe me. I just mustered courage to rise on my feet not too long ago’. Benjamin rolled up his sleeves so she could see the red markings on his wrist.
Tamar could blame him for the kidnap, but he had to show her that he tried.
‘No…no, we have to find her’. Tamar’s voice was broken and coarse. She sank into the nearest chair to her. Her eyes were watery as she thought of her sweet little Elena.
She had failed as a mother. She had failed to protect her daughter when she needed her most.
‘Why didn’t she confirm before putting the article up’? Tamar sobbed.
Mr. Benjamin shrugged, ‘You shouldn’t ask me that now. That girl works so hard for her age. She was simply trying to inform people about what she thought was right’ .
Though Tamar seemed broken by the news, he didn’t trust her. She had already made up her mind to sell their daughter off, but he would outsmart her.
‘What do we do now? We can just let them take her’. Tamar wailed.
‘We cannot start a search by this time of the night. You know how dangerous the city is. Seven people were attacked by cultists last week. It’s a miracle you came home safely. We’ll report to the police at first light’.
Tamar scoffed, ‘You have always been a weakling Benjamin. Some men kidnapped your daughter, and you’re telling me about safety. What safety? I will not wait for first light. I’m going out of the house and I’ll find her myself’. She wiped her face and rose to her feet.
‘You can insult me as much as you like, I don’t care Tamar. You never loved your children. You are only interested in finding Elena, just to pitch her up with the next man available’. Mr. Benjamin ignored her rants.
Tamar’s blood boiled as he said those words, ‘You are a fool Benjamin! I regret the day I set my eyes on you’.
He chuckled and ran his eyes over her body, ‘You are the fool Tamar. You have always been a fool. Did you think I loved you? I only married you because of your beauty, but you’re faded now. You’re like a leaf in dry season’. He didn’t wait for her response, but from the look in her brown eyes, she was deeply hurt.
Blood crept up her cheeks as she watched him leave; the man she had married had never spoken such words to her. So, Benjamin never loved her? No, she couldn’t let him get away with this.
‘Get out of my house before I raise an alarm’. She called to him, but he kept on rising with the steps.

She quickly grabbed a glass and made ready to launch it close to him, when the door flew wide open and a masked man walked in.
Mr. Benjamin froze on the staircase as he heard Tamar scream. The moment he spun on his heel, he found a masked man with a gun.
‘Don’t move,’ the man pointed a gun at him.
Mr. Benjamin obeyed, and stood still. He watched in focus, as the stranger peeled off the mask and dropped the gun on the floor. To their surprise, it was their son Elvis. They had not seen him for many years.
‘I can’t believe you two are still fighting’. Elvis grabbed the gun and put it in his pocket.
His parents didn’t utter a word. They stared at him in surprise, like they had seen a ghost.
‘I didn’t come here for a reunion. Elena is in trouble. I have been trying to reach her, but I couldn’t. This is the reason I came home. Tell me everything that happened.’


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