My Lovely Moonlight Bride: Episode 14


My Lovely Moonlight Bride: Episode 14

“What brings you to my castle, Mr. Wandsworth?” The Baron smiled. He quickly remembered that Beau had dropped a note with the butler from his show. He felt uneasy about Beau’s visit. Anything connected to the Duke, made him feel uncomfortable. He owed Aldrich half of his inheritance, which he had gambled and wasted on women. If he failed to clear his debt; his name will forever be in shame.
Beau ran his eyes over the castle. It was neat and averagely furnished, but not to the taste of a baron. So the rumours weren’t just rumours, there were true. Elan Wesley was a broke baron. Maybe he could use this to his advantage.
“Two things bring me here…” Beau smiled at Lucy, who was desperately trying to avoid him. Briefly, he imagined himself as the duke, and Lucy as his duchess. They would make a perfect match.

With every word that he spoke, Lucy grew more uncomfortable. Everything was wrong about this man. From the first time Beau had come to her, something within her resented him. Lucy concluded in her heart, that it would be better to stay away from the Duke and his cousin.“I must retire to my chambers now,” she rose to her feet and made for her room.
“That is rude of you, milady. I brought gifts from Wandsworth. You should receive me with more honour.” Beau wasn’t pleased. He snapped at her.
Elan’s eyes widened at the mention of gifts. He was eager to know who had brought gifts for his sister. Was Beau interested in Lucy? Was this the reason he had dropped a note asking for them to meet? As Beau’s eyes feasted on his sister’s trim figure, he ran his eyes over the duke’s cousin.
Elan was a man of experience. In his recklessness, he had encountered different types of men and women of society; one thing was certain about Beau…he was a pretender. The baron didn’t like Beau, or the way he had spoken to Lucy. Normally, he would have called Lucy to order or chastised her, for walking out on a guest; but he wouldn’t do that. Beau didn’t deserve that honour. If the gifts he had brought were from him, Elan was set to return them immediately. But if the Duke had sent him, he would reconsider.
He knew that Lucy was very beautiful. Her time was ripe; men would come for her hand, but only the best would be for his sister.
Lucy knew Elan would attack her for walking away, but she didn’t care.
“I have a little headache sir. I must have some rest now.” Lucy smiled kindly, and the sight of her dimples made Beau’s chest squirm in an uncertain manner.
Then turning to her brother, she said, “I am sorry brother. I do not mean to dishonour our guest, but I must leave.”
Beau liked her even more as she apologized. This was the kind of woman that suited him; humble and submissive. He would have her as his wife. It was time to destroy everything that the Duke had built!
“The Duke is getting married to your friend, Lady Ariana Beldon…” Beau blurted out.
The siblings stared at each other in shock. Lucy’s heart skipped when she heard this. Her tummy fluttered and she almost lost balance. How could that happen? Ariana never kept any secrets from her. It was Ariana that had encouraged her to nurture the feelings that she had for the Duke. Why would her friend accept to marry him now?
“The Duke asked me to invite you both. This is the reason he sent me to bring the gifts.” Beau smiled as he relayed the information.
This came as a surprise to Elan as well.
“When is the ceremony taking place? I should write a poem.” Elan noticed a sad look in Lucy’s eyes. This was what he had wanted her to avoid. Lucy was smitten by the Duke, and the news of his wedding to her best friend hurt her.
Lucy couldn’t take it anymore. Her head began to throb, this time, for real. She gathered her skirts and rushed out of the dining hall. The Duke of Wandsworth wasn’t an honourable man like she had thought. He had stolen a kiss from her lips, only to wed her friend, a few days after.
Beau noticed Lucy’s reaction. He felt delighted that she was broken by this news. Well, he wasn’t lying. Knowing the Duchess quite well, she would make sure that her son married the Marquees’ daughter. And he was going to help her achieve her dream.
“So the Duke sent you all the way from Wandsworth to come deliver the news of his marriage?” Elan found this unbelievable.
Beau sensed that the baron didn’t trust him very much. He had to find a way to win Elan’s trust.

“Do you think of me as a dishonest person?” Beau shifted uncomfortably.
The baron guffawed, “I never said so, or are you guilty of lying?”
Beau sighed, “May I share something of importance to you? This will be our own secret.”
Elan crossed his arms against his chest and waited to hear this important news. He didn’t take Beauregard seriously.
“I know about Morglay Street. I know that you and the Duke often meet there.” Beau dropped the bomb, and Elan’s heart almost popped out of from his chest. He stiffened as he realized that someone knew of his secret.
A devious glint danced in Beau’s eyes. He had gotten the Baron where he wanted him to be.
“What else do you know? And what do you intend to do with this discovery of yours?” The baron moved away from Beau. A heavy feeling filled his chest as he stared at the duke’s cousin. Already, he was a failed baron in the eyes of many people. If they knew about Morglay Street and the other noble men who gambled there, he will be blamed for everything.
The Duke will suspect that he had shared their secret to avoid paying his debt.
“Nothing, if you comply with me…” Beau smiled. He knew exactly what Elan was thinking. Beauregard intended to trap the baron with his threats. If the news about Morglay Street fell into the hands of the News carriers, the baron would be in trouble.
“I know that you gambled with the Duke some nights ago. He won. He asks for your inheritance and I doubt if you have any left…” Beau paused and ran his eyes over the under furnished dining hall. It wasn’t befitting of one of noble blood.
The baron’s jaws tightened.
“Are you threatening me? What makes you think that I can submit to a little fry like you?” Elan scoffed.
Beauregard shrugged, “I am not asking for your submission. I command it.”
“I can’t believe my ears. You walked into my castle to threaten me? What is your purpose in all of these? What do you stand to gain?” Elan had sensed from the beginning that Beauregard had something mischievous under his sleeves. He had revealed himself in time.


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