My Lovely Moonlight Bride: Episode 12


My Lovely Moonlight Bride: Episode 12

Beau wasn’t sure why his cousin was upset, but he decided to use this opportunity to tell Aldrich about Lucy. He was prepared to tear them apart. The news of the Noble men’s visit had spread like wild fire. If Aldrich didn’t marry soon, the throne could go to him. And Beau wanted to become Duke more than anything.
“I cannot,” Beau refused to move.
Aldrich gritted his teeth angrily, he felt like shoving his cousin aside.
“I am warning you Beau…” His voice was icy.
“I noticed your love interest last night. The Lady Lucy is elegance personified. She has more prospects of success than the Baron, her brother.” Beau started, and with this, he got his cousin’s attention.
The mention of her name made his heart to leap.

“How did you know of this?” Aldrich held his breath; he couldn’t wait to see her again.
Beau smiled, “it was obvious that you two were attracted to each other at first sight. You make a perfect match but…” Beau was about saying more when Aldrich stopped him.
“Mother wants me to marry Ariana Beldon, daughter of the Marquees and it turns out that Lucy is her friend. I like Lucy Wesley and I intend to make her Duchess. You must help me get her.” Suddenly, Aldrich could see that Beau was on his side.
Instead of paying the Baron a visit, he would send Beau on his behalf.
“You must leave for Ox-Dale. I will send some gifts for Lucy. Tell her brother of my interest in her. You are good with words, make this perfect. I want her to know that I truly care.” Aldrich sighed. Finally, he had found a woman that suited him. He wouldn’t rest until he had her.
Beau paled. He hadn’t seen this coming. He was about telling Aldrich about Lucy’s nonexistent fiancé when he had chipped in. This would complicate things. He needed to change his plans. Unknowingly, Aldrich had given Beau new information to work with.
“Why do you prefer her to the Marquees daughter?” Beau asked.
“This isn’t the time for questions. Take a horse and ride to Ox-Dale at once!”
His command was an insult to Beau. Beau was infuriated by his cousin’s uncouth approach, but he was careful not to show it. It was just a matter of time before the throne became his’.
“I will do as you wish.” Beau bowed and walked away.
He couldn’t wait to execute his own plans.

Lucy woke up with a song on her lips. She sat at the dining table knitting a table mat for the house while humming a love song. She didn’t want anything to do with Aldrich Clairborne, but thoughts of him consumed her mind. The feel of his lips against her skin the other night, was something she could never forget. It was a mix of tingly and delightful. It was magical! It was so beautiful, and the thought of having him kiss her again, made her blush.
“I cannot be with him. He isn’t the man for me.” She murmured. Lucy dropped the wool and the pins and crossed her hands against her chest. She couldn’t deny the fact that the Duke was a handsome man. Most single women wanted him. It was a great honour to be a wife of a powerful and wealthy Duke. But she wasn’t about power and fame.
Before the demise of her parents, Lucy remembered how they adored each other. Even after the death of her mother, her father had refused to remarry. He was faithful to her, till the end.
Lucy wanted that kind of marriage. This made her feel sad for her best friend. Though Ariana was in love with a commoner, marriages between people from two classes seldom manifested. In the end, Ariana would be heartbroken and she would be bundled up to a wealthy Earl or Count’s home.
The thought of being with someone she didn’t love terrified her. She shuddered at the thought of such a union. When Ariana’s heart would be finally broken, it was only a man as kind-hearted as the Duke that could mend the broken pieces. Whether the Duke believed her or not, Ariana was the woman for him. She had no place in his life.
“Who are you thinking about?” Elan dragged his feet as he joined his sister at the dining hall.
Lucy stiffened, she hadn’t known Elan was still in the castle.
“I am not thinking about anyone.” She quickly fetched her pins and a ball of wool.
“Really? A little bird told me my sister wasn’t around to listen to my poem. Was there a reason for your absence?” Elan arched a brow. He had searched for his sister in the hall, moments before his presentation. He had wanted to officially introduce Lucy to the high society, but she wasn’t on her table. When he had asked about it, the butler had revealed something that bothered him.
Lucy was getting impatient with her brother.
“If you want to say something to me, go straight to the point.” Her eyes fumed.
Elan laughed, “I hope you aren’t in love with him.”
“Who?” Her heart skipped.
“Aldrich Clairborne.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I hope you aren’t trying to question my dignity.” Lucy scoffed. Of all the people that should judge her, Elan was qualified to be on that list.
“Well, I know for sure that you spent some time with him. Stay away from the Duke of Wandsworth; he is like a gold fish in a wide sea. I do not want to see you get hurt.” Elan warned.
How could he tell his sister that the Duke was a gambler? He didn’t enjoy being addressed as a gambler. In fact, if the secret of their visits to the game house was leaked, they will lose their respect in the eyes of other noble men.
Lucy didn’t like the tone of his voice. Why would Elan say something like that?
“Is that the only reason? Last I checked, he is more responsible than some Barons in Ox-Dale.” Lucy snorted and rolled her eyes.
Elan pulled in a deep breath, “I do not want to see you around him anymore.”
“I hate threats Elan. I am a woman. I can share my time with any man of my choice. You do not have the right to order me. You lost your rights when you gambled your fortune away.” She couldn’t believe his effrontery.
Elan wished his sister knew of the Duke’s double life style.
“I know I am not in a good position to order you around. But I remain the Baron of this castle. As long as you live with me, you shall obey my orders.”
Lucy knew she had enough of his threats, when he had told her this.
“How long shall you remain Baron Elan? You are still in debt. You never told me what happened, the other night you came crying. Do you expect me to fear you? You can barely keep your life together.”
Elan bit his lip and thought of the perfect words to speak in return, but he found none.
It wasn’t long before the maid rushed in to announce a visitor.
“Who?” The siblings asked.
“Sir Beauregard of Wandsworth, cousin to the Duke; he demands a word with you Baron.” The maid bowed her head and left.


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